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As a rule, every game and game genre has its own unique language with terminology and phrases that only exist in that genre. It could be anything from flop and river in Poker, to frags in Counterstrike. The players themselves are very familiar with the terminology and those that play a game for the first time often find a clear description of the game on the website or in the manual.

Part of the charm of gaming is that it has no boundaries. It is possible to release the same game in several markets and the Internet is bringing together players from all over the world. However, many games must be translated, sometimes just the manuals and websites, but sometimes the user interface as well.

Gaming Translations

Global Text works with some of the largest gaming companies and has a team of translators that specialise in the translation of games and gaming. With poker and casino games, it is extremely important that the translator is very familiar with the game and the specific terminology that pertains to their language. In certain instances, it can even be appropriate to choose words and expressions that the players themselves use, rather than terms traditionally used by the gaming company.

Experts in gaming translations

From websites to manuals – we can translate your gaming text to the vast majority of the world’s languages.