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Global Text provides highly skilled and reliable interpreters for the vast majority of languages and situations. In order to deliver professional interpretation solutions to the highest standards, we demand high levels of skill and expertise from our employees.
To book an interpreter or request a quotation, phone us on: +46 8-500 00 340

Conference interpretation

Conference interpretation is commonly used at large meetings or at international conferences. This may include business meetings, training courses, AGMs or official visits.

We assist you in finding the right solution and the right equipment to meet your needs.

Legal and consecutive interpretation

With a large network of authorised interpreters and court interpreters in Sweden, we can provide interpretation in situations where an extremely high level of skill is required, for example within the legal system or the healthcare sector.

All our interpreters are bound by professional secrecy and are impartial and professional.

Business Interpretation

For business meetings, board meetings, negotiations and official visits, we always select the interpreter with the exact level of expertise for the assignment. Our project managers place great emphasis on selecting the most suitable interpreter for a particular assignment, as they understand how critical this choice can be.

Interpretation  – what does it involve?

  • In simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter reproduces what is said while the speaker is talking, with only a slight delay of a few words.
  • In consecutive interpretation, the interpreter reproduces what was said after the speaker has finished, a couple of sentences at a time.  Interpretation can take place in both directions with each person taking turns to speak.
  • Telephone interpretation (Distance interpretation)  – the advantages of telephone interpretation are the immediate accessibility and cost-saving as no travel costs are incurred. Phone interpretation is effective and appropriate in situations where only short notice is provided.